Author Interview: Kate Maryon

by - January 07, 2014

Hello everyone!

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Today I have an incredibly exciting blog post to share with you all. Today I have an interview with author Kate Maryon!!!! I'm so excited, I've always loved Kate's books and I'm really happy that she agreed to answer some questions for my little blog! So without further ado here they are... enjoy!  

1. Have you always wanted to write? 

Yes, from when I was about 2 years old. I used to write pages and pages of squiggles at first. Then I went on to letter, then words, then sentences and on and on until I started writing books!

2. Were you encouraged to go down the writing route at school or was it something that happened later?

Yes, I was. English was my favourite lesson and I always did well in it. I hated Maths so I used to sit right at the back of the class and write poetry under the table.

3. Who/ what first inspired you?

I had a very, very troubled childhood and writing became my way of expressing all the difficult, painful feelings swirling around inside me.

4. How long did it take you to publish your first book?

It was all really quick. I decided to take writing seriously in 2009 and in 2010 Shine was published.

5. Are any of your characters based upon people you know or yourself? 

No, they're all fictional.

6. What do you do when you have writers block?

I just stop and go for a walk or out for a coffee or something. I never feel it's worth struggling through because anytime I have what comes out is pretty rubbish so I end up scrapping it anyway!

7. How does it feel to get a finished copy of your book in your hands?

OMG - it's the best feeling in the world. It's so amazing to know that you've written every word and been lucky enough to have had someone turn it into a book for all the world to see.

8. How do you get started with a story? 

A character jumps into my head and then I ask them lots of questions about themselves and the story starts from there. It's much less hard work if you let the characters tell their own story.

9. When you get an idea how many hours will you spend on it?

That's impossible to know. If I'm busy with an idea it will pop into my head a thousand times a day - it'll creep into my dreams, crawl right under my skin. But it's a wonderful feeling.

10. Any tips for an aspiring writer? 

Write from your heart - don't look outside and wonder what people will want, write what you know - write from your emotions and your book will shine.

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