Thursday, 4 August 2016


For me, my GCSE's are over and there are definitely some things that I learnt that helped when exams did start. I had a grand total of 20 exams which was rather a lot so following these tips definitely helped reduce the workload and stress.

1. Start early
I know you are probably bored to tears with hearing this but seriously, do. It makes such a difference, the earlier you start the more prepared you are and the more time you have to go over things you don't understand. It also equals less stress for you and you will feel more confident in your exams. However, starting years in advance is equally useless as you're likely to forget what you've done. They advice starting around Christmas time, but I'd stay start introducing revision from about February half term.

2. Little and Often
Revising for 7 hours straight does you no good. Short, sharp bursts are the way forward, supposedly your maximum working time is your age plus 10, so for me 26 minutes. By revising for a shorter amount of time means you work harder to get what you want done and you remain more focused on revision - it really does work.

3. Put the Phone Away
This is something many people can struggle with but, just put it in a draw - you're not going to miss anything that important in 30 mins. I know it can be tempting to check it quickly to see if you've missed out on anything but it's not worth it. Wait till you have a break, or better still wait until the summer when you can spend all day everyday on your phone - now is not the time!

4. Take a Break
Similar to short sharp bursts, taking a break is equally as important to give your brain a chance to digest the information you've just processed. However, don't take your breaks every 10 mins and don't make them really long as you will lose interest. I tended to listen to 2 songs every time I had a break as it broke up the quietness of revising and gave me a chance to move about and feel refreshed.

5. Know how You Study
Again, this is incredibly important to know. Do you learn best by making things bright and colourful? If you don't, don't waste your time doing it. It won't help you. If you learn best by listening then record yourself saying facts. There are many different ways to revise, find the best one for you.

Hopefully these tips will help you get started when it comes to exams, they can be an incredibly stressful time but don't have to be if you are prepared! If I'm honest, exams were defintley not as stressful as people make out, that could be down to these tips so I suggest you try and follow some of them! Good luck!


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  1. I just finished my first year of university so GCSEs are a bit of a distant memory for me. But I absolutely agree with all your tips, and it's great for you that you've got it figured out now because it'll definitely do you well for any future studies :)

    Paris x


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