An Update

by - August 06, 2018

Long time no see!

It's been a very long time since I sat down to write a blog post and to be quite honest it feels quite alien now. 

In the time that has passed between my last blog post and this post, a lot has changed! It's been just over a year since I last posted and since then I have sat my A-levels and have officially finished school. My next step is to wait until results day and then, hopefully, I will be off to university in September.

As you can see, my blog has also had a slight re-design along with a name change to go with it. I'd become fed up with having 2 blogs as it was too much to manage and therefore decided to merge both my book and beauty blog together, therefore, creating 'A Girl with a View'. Hopefully, this blog will not be tied into certain 'niches' in the blogging world and my aim is to post things that I want to as opposed to either book and beauty/fashion reviews which were something I felt tied to with my previous blogs.

The name 'A Girl with a View' came about due to being inspired by Forster's 'A Room with a View' - the A-level English book that I loved and therefore the new name was born!

I hope that you'll continue to stick around with me on my blogging journey and there will be something of interest for you to read in the near future!

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