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Post Updated November 2020

For anyone who knows me, I have always been obsessed with visiting Germany. There is no specific reason for this, it's just somewhere that I have always had on my bucket list and have desperately wanted to visit for so many years. I can finally say that this summer I now have a big tick next to  'Visit Germany' on my bucket list!! I absolutely loved everything about Berlin and had the most amazing time - I would absolutely love to return one day! I love sharing my travel experiences so I thought I'd share a guide to Berlin and show you some of the best things to visit in this wonderful city!



This was one of my favourite things that we did in Berlin and I really recommend. You need to book in advance if you'd like to gain entry but it's free to book so it doesn't make a huge difference. You get taken to the top of the building and enter the glass dome where you're free to roam all the way to the top and look out over the city of Berlin. As you walk up there are facts and information about the history of the city and its governments which I found so interesting as I studied German history for A-level and learnt about it from the 1920s to the 1960s so it was a great way to refresh my knowledge again! At the top you can see so many of the major attractions and sights of the city and the view is amazing! 


Perhaps the main attraction or reason for visiting Berlin is the infamous Berlin Wall. I found it so funny how you literally walk out of the nearest metro station and then it's just there - it's such an incredible landmark that it feels odd for it to be so easily accessible. For some reason I thought it would be so much taller and had visions of an absolutely giant concrete structure but isn't the case. There are so many incredible bits of art all along the wall that you could spend a good hour walking up and down the wall admiring all the pieces!

berlin wall


Perhaps not your most typical Berlin attraction but Kadewe was such a fun stop-off that it made it onto this list! Essentially it is the Harrods of Germany. Me and my boyfriend spent quite a bit of time walking around playing guess the price and seeing how much we couldn't afford to buy but it was fun anyway. We loved the pen area and spent probably slightly too long trying them all out and deciding our favourites. The food section also has some amazing bits to look at and they have a giant Brandenburg gate made from chocolate that was incredible!


This place was such a hidden gem but it was lovely. It was so quiet when we went to visit that we wondered if it was closed as we saw nobody around. This is a lovely place to have a quiet stroll around and the gardens are lovely but the main feature is the absolutely huge, imposing statues that greet you in the middle. I think they were probably some of the biggest structures I've ever seen and as you walk closer towards them you realise the sheer scale of them. The memorial is located in Treptower Park which has some lovely walks too!


This was one of my favourite places that we went to explore and it was relatively quiet in terms of tourists too which is always a bonus. I thought this place was absolutely stunning and I loved spending time admiring the buildings and their architecture. Perhaps one of the best parts was the Ampelmann shop in the square, we became a little obsessed with Ampelmann as the week went on and the shops have so many snazzy things in there that we could never resist popping in for a look!


Berlin is hands down one of my favourite places that I've visited and I would love to go again one day. This is just a little snippet of some of the things we visited and did but there are seemingly countless other places to explore; Alexanderplatz, Potsdamer Platz, the Sony Centre, Fersehtum, Olympic Park, Memorial to the Murdered Jews and the Brandenburg Gate are just a selection of the other places we explored. I am desperate to visit more places in Germany and return to Berlin! I hope you enjoyed this guide to Berlin and found something that you'd like to do if you visit!

Have you been to Berlin before? What do you recommend?

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  1. What lovely images! I can't wait to visit Berlin in the future. Thank you for sharing x

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