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I thought I'd go old-school with today's blog post and throw it back to a classic Q&A! I felt like a 2012 Youtuber asking for questions on Twitter from people and was scared I wouldn't get any responses, but thankfully, I managed to get a fair amount of questions! If you missed my tweet and want to keep up with my ramblings and never miss a post then follow me on Twitter!

I love reading Q&A style posts as I think it's a great way to gain more of an insight into the blogger and as I've been spending a lot more time and effort on my blog (COVID has been good for some things!), I thought it was about time I did a slightly more personal post where you can find out a little bit more about me! I hope this post is interesting enough (I'm not the most exciting of people) but I thought this would be a fun post to do! A special thank you to everyone who asked a question - I really appreciate it and be sure to check out all of their fab blogs which are linked below!

And without further delay, I'll get on with what you're actually here to read!

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What do you find the hardest about blogging? - Love, Em
Pinterest! Without a doubt, it's something I hate doing and I don't really have a clue how it works and I've been struggling to see any improvement with it for several months now! It's definitely the most time-consuming too. I seem to spend hours upon hours making pins, scheduling pins and checking analytics of pins without seeing many results so that is definitely something I find difficult with blogging!

What advice would you give anyone going to uni? - Love, Em
Try not to stress about it! And remember that everyone is feeling exactly the same way as you. Yes, the first day will most likely be daunting but be yourself and don't think too much about it - everyone is in exactly the same boat and are just as nervous as you! Also, another top tip I would say is to not buy loads of stationery, although the temptation is very real - I bought so many notebooks and ended up just using my laptop and 1 notebook!

What language do you speak/would you like to learn? - Pages and Papers
If I could speak all the languages in the world, I would! I currently speak a fair amount of Spanish but the language I have always had some kind of fascination with is German. All of my friends will say how obsessed I have always been with anything German related and when I finally visited Berlin, I absolutely loved it! It is hands-down the language I would absolutely love to speak!

What's your favourite topic to write about? Is it travel or more lifestyle based? - Wool of the King
I think it's a mixture. I enjoy writing about whatever I want to write about whenever the mood takes me. I love writing travel posts when I've just been to visit somewhere but that's had to take more of a backseat on my blog due to COVID but I've been really enjoying the lifestyle posts too. Anything that I would find interesting to read or is related to something I've done or experienced is probably my favourite thing to write about.

What was your reason to start blogging? - Of a Glasgow Girl
I actually began as a book blogger back in 2012 (!!) after entering a competition to win an iPad (sadly, I didn't win) and then I discovered book blogs and decided to start my own which is how it all started. I've had several different blogs over the years (shoutout to TashBrilliantBookBlog and Skindeep!) but have never really stuck to posting consistently or keeping up with them. Hopefully, this blog is here for the long haul and I manage to keep it going once life returns to normal!

How do you manage writing a blog and other daily activities? - Know a Fact from J
To be honest, with great difficulty! I think scheduling is so useful and I wouldn't be able to keep my blog ticking over without scheduled posts, pins and tweets. It can be difficult sometimes to find the motivation to do those tasks as I find them so dull but it's worth it in the long run as I know that I can take a few days away and not have to worry about my blog stats plummeting down the drain in that time!

How many hours do you spend on a single post? - Know a Fact From J
It really depends, I find that actually writing posts doesn't take me very long at all usually. For example, I've been writing this post for about 10-15 mins so far. When I was taking my own blog pictures that took me a lot longer to pull a post together as I really dislike photography and I always hated the pictures I took. It's only in the past few weeks that I've decided to just use stock photos which will save me so much time! I think including edits, inserting any links, finding images, writing the post and changing search descriptions/alt image text that a single post probably takes me 1-2 hours depending on the content.

How have you managed to really kick-start your blog? Any advice? - Glossier Musings
I probably wouldn't say that I've really managed to kick-start my blog just yet but I am seeing slow and steady growth. I think the biggest thing that has really helped to boost my blog is promoting on social media, participating in Twitter comment threads and posting consistently has meant that my blog has improved drastically! I used to just write a post, publish it and then miraculously hope that it would go viral but obviously, that never happened. Taking the time to promote my posts, putting my blog out there and talking to other people in the community has been the biggest boost for me!

What's your favourite post you've published? - Lifestyle Season
This is such a tricky question as I'm a fan of all of my posts (except the really really old ones that I cringed reading back!). From my most recent posts, I really enjoyed my hidden gems in Stratford-upon-Avon as it was nice to write a travel post about somewhere local to me and I could give more insider tips as opposed to a generic list of things to see. I also really liked my ways to be eco-friendly post as it's something myself, and I think a lot of people, are starting to take more seriously so it was nice to reflect on what I am doing and could also do.

What is your favourite hobby? - Enviroline Blog
Aside from blogging, I'd probably say travelling, reading and scrapbooking. I'm a huge fan of visiting other countries and love to go away and explore. Reading is something I've loved for years and whenever I can I try to read as much as possible. And scrapbooking is also something I've done for about 8 years now and I'm onto my third book! I collect every little ticket, receipt and leaflet from everywhere I've been and several times a year I update my scrapbook. I love showing it to other people and flicking through it myself as it's so nice to have a physical reminder of places you went to, restaurants and attractions you saw along with photos rather than just staring at photos on a screen.

What country have you always wanted to visit? Enviroline Blog
Until last year, I would've said Germany but I've ticked that off the bucket list now, though I would love to explore more parts of Germany (any recommendations welcome)! I would love to travel to countries like Slovenia, Poland, Austria and America. Other places I'd love to travel to are Milan, Paris (again), Edinburgh and Copenhagen. There are so many places I'd love to explore and if I could spend my life travelling I probably would!

And that's the end of this Q&A! There were actually more questions than I thought so thank you to everyone who replied to my tweet - it was greatly appreciated! I hope you've learnt a little bit more about me and found this interesting! I love finding more out about the blogger behind the blog so I hope this was an enjoyable read! 

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