How to be Your Own Motivator

Guest Post by Paige Eades
Motivation can be hard. Life commitments, personal relations, mental and physical health can all have a part to play in keeping yourself motivated, happy and successful. How many times have you tried to do something; sat down and just found yourself struggling to find the energy or spirit in order to execute it?

Me too. I tried thinking of ways that I could become self-sufficient in motivating myself, and not having to rely upon anyone else to spur me on. Think about how much of a machine we could all be if we each knew what makes our motivation cogs turn? It would be a success explosion! These are some of the ways I like to motivate myself; so hopefully they come in useful to someone else too.
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Start with the hardest.
This may sound simple, but it’s actually more difficult to get yourself into that mindset than you think. The natural human instinct is to complete the easiest task first as to not exert ourselves; however, it’s best to get the thing that you have been procrastinating about done first. I know that when I’ve left something big to the last minute, or been putting it off for days upon days, it gradually grinds me down. Think about how relieving it will feel once your hardest task has been completed; and it will greatly reduce your day to day worries.

Don’t compare with anyone else.
Comparison is one of our biggest demons. We cannot relate our struggles, lifestyles or achievements with anyone, or anything else - every single one of us is too unique! The only point of comparison (if we must use comparison at all) is between ourselves. Focus on you; and your own results and how much you have achieved since a specific time date. Success and achievement don’t have to be typical qualifications either; it can be the way you feel about yourself, or how you have been treating others, or your personal development goals - you are improving every day, so make sure to note that and use it as your motivation for the future.

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Reduce your time on things that don’t make you happy.
If it isn’t making you happy, or inspired, or bettering you as a person - something is wrong. You should enjoy the things you are putting your time and effort into; and see reward from that in terms of progression or self-fulfilment. If something isn’t making you happy, or you aren’t feeling inspired after doing it - see if there are ways you can change this. Perhaps it is a change in routine? Or a shift in people you work with? Maybe you are doing something purely for someone else’s pleasure? If you are not happy; it will show, for nobody is as good an actor to keep up the pretence for long. Try experimenting with different ways of doing things to see if it makes a difference to your motivation; otherwise - let it go. There are bigger and better things out there, which will inspire and motivate you ten-fold.

Talk positively to yourself.
I don’t mean this as endless chatter; although you are perfectly welcome to do so if it helps you. My intentions are to inspire you to ask yourself questions each morning that uplift and motivate you for the rest of the day, and future. Ask yourself ‘What am I happy with in my life right now?’ or ‘How am I feeling today?’, or perhaps ‘What am I excited to do today?’.

By deciding on and answering these questions; you are setting yourself up for the day, and becoming ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. You cannot rely on others to motivate and inspire you; so by creating a positive and open environment for yourself, you are well on your way to becoming self-sufficient in motivation.

About the Blogger!
Paige is a UK Shropshire based lifestyle blogger covering all sorts of content from university posts, travel, general life advice and recipes. You can usually find her scrolling through social media, in coffee shops with friends or working on her laptop. She is currently studying BA Business Management and hopes one day to run her own business and help others.

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