The 6 Beauty Essentials You Need

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Now, I'm not someone that wears a lot of makeup on a regular basis, unless I'm going somewhere more snazzy. I try to do my makeup as quickly as possible as I can't be bothered for faffing around in the mornings with 16732 different makeup products. My routine takes under 10 minutes I'd say but can be done quicker if I'm in a rush. These are the products that I deem my absolute makeup essentials, though the products and colours I often switch up throughout the seasons. They form the basis of any good makeup look so I'd thought I'd share the beauty basics that you need to have stowed away in your makeup bag!

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Beauty Essential 1: Concealer

I'm not a foundation wearer unless I'm going somewhere very fancy and want to look more put together, so concealer is my holy grail makeup item that I could not live without. I only use it on areas where I think needs a bit of coverage as I like to let my skin breathe and hate the feeling of foundation plastered over my face. Typically, I apply concealer under my eyes to brighten the area up and make me look more awake, on any spots/blemishes/scarring around my mouth or chin and on anywhere that looks a bit red. I struggle so much to find concealer shades that actually match my skin tone and have a formula that I like as my absolute favourite - Seventeen Stay Time Concealer - was discontinued *cries*, so any concealer recommendations are welcome! At the moment, I'm quite liking the Makeup Obsession concealer but it still doesn't quite live up to my other one.

Beauty Essential 2: Mascara

Mascara is something that I think makes a big difference to a makeup look. Like concealer, I think it helps you look a lot more awake and enhances any makeup look. There are so many different types of mascara that all do different things but I try to go for one that makes my lashes look longer and separates them out as I hate feeling like my lashes are clumpy! Some of my favourites are the Maybelline Lash Sensational and the Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara! I never normally leave the house without a small slick of mascara on my lashes as it just helps to draw attention to the eyes and leaves me feeling a lot more put together!

Beauty Essential 3: Primer

Primer is a step that I never used to do but now I really see the importance of it! It really helps to smooth out and blur any slight imperfections or redness whilst also creating a base for my makeup. I find it also helps my makeup to stick to my face a bit better and last longer which is always a win! Primer feels like a combination of skincare and makeup and I found that whenever I apply it, my concealer and other makeup often applies a lot smoother than if I hadn't used it. My favourite is the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer.

Beauty Essential 4: Blush

As someone who is incredibly pale, blusher is a staple for me to look more alive! I never used to wear it for fear of looking like a clown if I applied too much but now I really dislike when I don't have any on as I think I look slightly dead as I'm so pale. It really helps to just make me look a lot more alive and refreshed without actually feeling like that. I like blushes that offer a slight shimmer as I can never be bothered for highlighter and when I'm rushed for time in the morning, this does it all! My favourite is the Soap and Glory Love at First Blush!

Beauty Essential 5: Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrows are such a big thing in the beauty world but I really don't have the time to spend hours filling them in. I naturally have relatively thick brows so I normally just add a bit of brow gel to keep them in place during the day so they look a bit neater. I love brow gels as they require such minimal effort yet they offer a bit of colour and coverage and keep your eyebrows in place all day. I'm loving the Makeup Obsession brow gel at the moment, it matches my eyebrows really well and doesn't give you that horrible glue-like feeling some brow products do.

Beauty Essential 6: Nude Lipstick

I'm not really a bright lipstick gal, I maybe bust out the occasional red around Christmas but on the whole, nude is the way to go! I love a 'your lips but better' kind of look and it's the one I reach for on an everyday basis as it means I look a bit more put together but still incredibly natural. I'm currently using Asia Jade Beauty's Nude Lipstick which I'm a big fan of. Whilst it's matte, it doesn't feel drying and I've found it actually lasts quite a while on the lips. It's the perfect lip colour for me and it's one I've been reaching for a lot over the past few weeks as it's the perfect mix of nude and pink for my skin tone!

Those are my absolute makeup essentials that are my go-to products on a day-to-day basis. Obviously, good makeup starts with good skincare so it's key to remember to look after your skin for a better makeup application. I'm trying to get more comfortable with my skin and adopt a better skincare routine so that I can reduce the amount of makeup I wear even more - the goal would be to not have to put concealer all over my spots! 

What makeup essentials do you have? What couldn't you live without?

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