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5 Healthy Habits to Start in 2021

We're still in New Year's Resolutions territory and if you're interested in knowing my own personal goals for 2021 then I have a whole post dedicated to that. I think we can all agree that 2020 was definitely the year that we had a bit more time on our hands to look after ourselves or do something that we wanted to try. I know that in 2021 I would like to adopt some healthier habits that I've been using throughout both lockdowns and I'd love to carry them through to this year as well. So if you're looking for some easy and simple healthy habits to start adopting in 2021 then look no further!

fruit scattered across photo - 3 oranges, 3 bananas and berries
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Drink a Glass of Water in the Morning

As I've mentioned a few times before on this blog, I am terrible at drinking water so this year I'm really going to try. I say this every year but I have started to get better at keeping myself hydrated so I'm hoping to keep this up as things start to return to normal (hopefully). By drinking a glass of water soon after waking up I find it helps to boost my energy levels and helps rehydrate myself. I'm so bad at drinking enough but I know it makes me feel so much better in myself. It's also such a simple and healthy habit to start doing and if you're not a big water fan you can also add some flavour to help increase your water intake.

Do a 10-minute Posture Video

My posture is terrible (she says as she types this post slumped in bed at 10pm at night) especially after spending so much time in front of a laptop screen doing online university and blogging. Sometimes I can spend an entire day hunched up at a desk and my back does not thank me for it. I really need to start doing more stretching and posture exercises to stop me from turning into a hunchback. YouTube has so many quick and simple videos you can follow along with and they barely take up any time in the day. It's such an easy thing to start doing, and if you find yourself sat at a desk all day long, then it's something really beneficial to start implementing in 2021. 

Walk Up and Down your Stairs 

Again, if you're someone who is sat down or at a desk for the best part of the day then you might feel as though you don't move enough during the day. Especially during the winter months getting enough movement during the day can be really difficult and the weather is not helpful in motivating me to go for a walk. For that reason, I'm going to try to go up and down the stairs at random intervals during the day or to go up and down twice whenever I'm using them to try and give myself a bit more movement during the day and get my heart-rate up slightly. I think this is such an easy way to start moving about more, especially if it's cold and damp outside or you don't have the time for a walk - it's a simple way to get more steps in and to get yourself moving without the effort of having to leave the house if you don't want to.

Have a Sleep Routine

I normally have a pretty good sleep routine and I tend to wake up and sleep at similar times most days. If you're struggling to get to sleep then I also have a whole host of tips for you to start getting a better night's sleep coming soon so keep your eyes open for that! It's so important to have a decent sleep routine and to ensure you are having enough sleep as it will help you feel more awake, energised and be able to get more stuff done during the day too!

Ditch the Technology for a Book or Podcast

I think we are all guilty of spending too much time on our phone at various points during the day so I'm really going to try to ditch the technology more often in favour of reading a book or listening to a podcast. I've never actually listened to a podcast but I know lots of people who do so it's something I'd like to get into in 2021 - if you have any podcast recommendations then please leave them below too! I have a whole post on some of my favourite books if you're looking for any new recommendations. I want to spend more time doing something more worthwhile with my time rather than just mindlessly scrolling on social media so I'm going to really try to put down my phone and laptop at various points during the day and spend more time doing something a bit more stimulating for my brain! 

Those are some simple and easy healthy habits to start implementing in 2021! I really want to try to become all-around a little bit healthier in 2021 so I'm hoping that by continuing with these small habits I'll be able to feel some benefits. These are such simple ways to start taking a bit more care of yourself without spending hours in a gym or going on a diet. I'm much more likely to stick to something as it doesn't feel like a mammoth and unattainable task. If you're looking to get that little bit healthier in 2021 then I hope these tips help you!

Are you trying to get healthier in 2021? Do you have any easy healthy habits that you do already?

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Amtico Solves Your Home Design Battles

AD: This is a pre-written post 

When it comes to making those big decisions about how to best utilise room space and effect, the biggest battle to overcome is the choices that are available to successfully transform your home.

Everything needs to feel in line and perfectly placed otherwise your entire plan is thrown out of sync. You are not alone in this feeling, it is the most common feeling between those who like to implement a complete sense of style and comfort in the home.

Since we all have differing tastes, what are the similar focus that we tend to battle to get our homes just right?

amtico luvanto luxury vinyl flooring

Consistent Tone

We all experience that one piece of decor or furniture that does not match everything else and the main reason you keep it is because of sentimental value.

So how do these items of interest play into how your overall room could look? If you have a book unit or cabinet that has been in the family for many a generation and you don’t want to get rid of it, then finding fixtures and flooring to match could give it a great sense of connectivity and completeness. For this, you may want to look at luxury wood effect vinyl flooring that can come in a variety of colours, designs and palettes to perfectly match your desired feature.

Time in Cleanliness

We are all about time and want the most hassle-free living when it comes to home, especially if we have to spend all day working and want to relax.

The last thing we want is something extra that demands attention as well as family and pets, so choosing items that have a long lifespan and requires minimum attention is paramount to finding peace of mind when at home. This requires reviewing every item you have to ensure they will stand the test of time and be worth the money you are looking to pay, such as the lowest price Amtico flooring that has maximum levels of durability and warranties that last upwards of 30 years.

In finding occasional time throughout the week for a quick brush and mop, your vinyl floor retains its magic and looks and feels great without leaving you with extra work to keep it clean.

Reinforcements for the Battles

Everything that you look to install within your home can feel like a constant fight to find the right starting point, but by choosing the cheapest Amtico Spacia flooring in the UK you are able to find victories a lot easier by having certain securities such as style, durability and resistance to heat, moisture, scratches and stains that can weigh heavily on decisions otherwise.

When getting ready to choose your home design battles, choose luxury wood effect vinyl flooring as your foundation.

Saturday, 9 January 2021

The Top Blog Posts of 2020

Happy New Year, can you believe that we're in 2021 already? How crazy is that! Although 2020 has been an unforgettable year, it was also the year that I started up my blog again. For that reason, it's been such a great year as I have loved watching my blog grow and becoming a part of the blogging community. However, I have definitely realised that running a blog is hard work and all bloggers work incredibly hard! There is so much more to a blog than just writing a post and publishing it. Bloggers have to juggle multiple social media sites, content creation, photography, SEO and so much more. I thought that seeing as 2020 has been an *interesting* year, to say the least, it's time to celebrate some of the amazing bloggers I know and who have been working hard all year with their top blog posts of 2020. Be sure to check their blogs and social media as they are all amazing people with incredible blogs!

flat lay photograph of notebook and macbook next to each other
Credit: Pexels

A Girl with a View - 21 Things I've Learnt in 21 Years

I'm guessing if you're on this blog then you know who I am but if not, I'm Tash and A Girl with a View is a lifestyle, student, travel with a bit of everything thrown in for good measure blog. I thought I'd add my favourite post of the year as well though I struggled to decide what my favourite was of 2020. I think the post I wrote around my 21st has been one of my favourites. I loved spending the time to reflect over the last 21 years of my life and include some serious and funny things I've learnt along the way! I think it'll also be a good one to add to and look back on as the years go by and putting something more personal on my blog was something I really enjoyed doing too!

Blog - A Girl with a View |  Instagram - @agirlwithview_ | Twitter - @tash__evans

Wool of the King - Sculpture by the Lakes

My name is Lauren and I am the author behind Wool of the King. I’m also a third-year Communication and Media student at Bournemouth University. I love to write about all things travel, lifestyle and a little bit of everything over on my blog. My favourite post that I’ve written this year would have to be my Sculpture by the Lakes post. That’s because it was all about the first and only blogging event I’ve been to so far. I’m hoping to do a lot more like this when the coronavirus has died down a bit. Sculpture by the Lakes is a beautiful sculpture park in Dorset where I had the best time walking around and taking pictures for my blog.

Blog – | Instagram - @_laurenken | Twitter - @_laurenken

Lifestyle Season - Easy Ways to Look After Your Skin

Hi, I'm Ella and I run the blog Lifestyle Season. I started blogging in May this year when I had little to do and since then I've been publishing blog posts twice a week about topics such as lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. I love blogging because I enjoy writing about my favourite things and interacting with new people. 

Blog - Lifestyle Season | Instagram - @lifeseasonblog | Twitter - @lifeseasonblog

Mind and Body Intertwined - Clean the Air in your Home

With my blog, Mind and Body Intertwined, I always try to help people by finding ways to make their mind and body healthier by them working together. Usually, the topics I write about are things that I've figured out that have helped me to find more balance in my life. What was special about this one, was that during research, I learned a lot myself. I found all kinds of new ways to implement things in that post into my own life. This was the first time I learned what a difference my blog can make for others. That feeling is what still motivates me to this day.

Teaspoon of Adventure - Falling in Love with Seville

I had such a hard time choosing my favourite blog post of 2020 and actually really enjoyed the opportunity to look through my year of posts. So many stuck out to me as either pivotal moments of the year or posts I just really enjoyed writing and sharing. But I went with this one, Falling in Love with Seville. Visiting Seville in February was one of my favourite travel experiences not only of the year but of my entire life. I completely fell in love with this little city in Spain's Andalusia and was so lucky to visit with my fiance, sister and brother. It was also one of the last trips we got to take before the pandemic shut things down, and one of the only times I've travelled with my siblings, so it's extra special. 

I loved writing this post where I could share not only my itinerary for Seville but my love for the city as well. Reading it transports me right back to that square in the old town, admiring the architecture and eating good food with my favourite people. I can't wait until we can make more memories like that again! 

Blog - Teaspoon of Adventure |  Instagram - @teaspoonofadventure | Twitter - @tspadventure

Ramblings of Another Uni Graduate - Photo Diary: Golders Hill Park

Hey I'm Serena and I blog about book, music, films and London! I also love to take photos - my favourite post from this year is my photo diary from my walk around Golders Hill Park!

Female Original - 5 Ways to Find New Music (When You're Stuck in a Music Rut)

My favourite blog post that I’ve written this year is definitely my post about 5 Ways To Find  New Music (When You’re Stuck In A Music Rut). What made this such a special post for me was just how much time went into writing it. I wanted to write a post that I thought was really going to help people who were stuck in a music rut. It’s something that I think we’ve all experienced in the past…being stuck listening to the same songs over and over again with no idea how to shake things up and discover some new tunes. So I wanted to write a post that’d be a sort of ‘one-stop-shop’ for music discovery and that was going to actually really benefit anyone who found themselves lost when it came to finding new music. And I think I managed to achieve that with the post!

Female Original ( or F O ) is the award-nominated food & drink, music and lifestyle blog by Liverpool based 20-something, Faye. First beginning in 2017 as a hobby alongside  Faye’s studies in Fine Art at university, F O has developed into a source to discover something new across food, drink and music all in one place. Whether that be through sharing a new legendary artist in her ongoing music series ‘The Legend Slot’, or giving you the lowdown on a new organic red wine or a must-try cocktail recipe.  

Blog - Female Original |  Instagram - @female_original | Twitter - @female_original

Life Through my Dark Brown Eyes - 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog

My favourite post of 2020 was definitely 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting A Blog. It’s a collaborative post with 10 other bloggers where we shared the things we wish we knew before starting a blog. From SEO to going self-hosted… everything that gives you a head start in the blogging world! I really wanted this to become a post with lots of useful tips for starting bloggers, so that they don’t make the same mistakes I did. The post is super long but really informative and I just love the way it turned out! 

My blog is called Life Through My Dark Brown Eyes and I mainly write about lifestyle, blogging and work life. I used to write about travel, mental health and recipes too, so you still might find some of these posts on my blog. I really want to provide useful information for bloggers who combine their blog with a 9-to-5, just like me, and show that the combination is possible! The lifestyle posts are mainly related to fun things to do outside of work. 

Spilling Tea with Tamara - No-one is Youer than You: 5 Ways to Live True to You

Spilling tea with Tamara bloomed about 2 years ago, it’s a safe space for tips and wellness tricks to overcome self esteem stuggles, anxiety and low confidence. It’s a place to feel empowered and more comfortable in your skin. 

My favourite post of 2020 is 5-ways to live true to you, it’s a ‘kind and caring’ smack in the face to help you realise that there is only one you and you need to wake up and realise how special you are.

In the Flux - 6 Reasons why People Should Ditch Dairy

Hi, I'm Payton! I run the blog In The Flux, a vegan + cruelty-free and personal development blog.
My blog went through a lot of changes this year. In 2020, I decided to focus on vegan and cruelty-free living, which is something I am so passionate about. I have been vegan and cruelty-free for 8 years, and I wanted to use my experience to help others live a more ethical lifestyle.

My favourite post that I did this year was on 6 reasons why people should ditch dairy. It was a very interesting topic to research, and I hope it gave some people inspiration to go dairy-free.

Blog - In the Flux |  Instagram - @inthefluxco | Twitter - @inthefluxco

Bee Money Savvy - Sustainable Swaps

I’m Emma, the one-woman team that created Bee Money Savvy. I’m a 20-something, recent graduate and first homeowner. My motivation for creating Bee Money Savvy and blogging about money comes from my parents who worked hard to pay off the debt that they accumulated following some bad financial advice. I’ve spent my whole life admiring the money-saving mentality of my parents and want to share the money-saving tools and tips my family have learned on our journey to improving our finances.

My favourite post of this year is my sustainable swaps post! While I’m viewed predominantly as a money blogger, I’ve always been really interested in sustainability and finding ways to incorporate a sustainable lifestyle on a budget. In my ‘simple sustainable swaps’ post, I show the small changes that I have made to reduce the impact that I’m having on our wonderful planet. I hope that it encourages more people to start introducing sustainable habits into their lifestyle.

Blog - Bee Money Savvy |  Instagram - @BeeMoneySavvy | Twitter - @BeeMoneySavvy

Kayleigh Zara - Blogging in 2020 and Why I've Started to Loathe It

I'm Kayleigh from and 2020 has been a wild year for my blog, I write content on navigating life, and growing your blog. When Tash asked what my favourite blog post of the year was, it was really hard to pick. In 2020 I've written some posts I'm really happy with such as my Moonpig Across the Miles AD and my post on Dealing With Grief At Christmas Time. But, it ultimately came down to my Blogging In 2020 And Why I Loathe It Post, blogging has some downsides and really I needed to vent about it. I ended up loving the post so much, and it's quickly become one of my most viewed posts.

Blog - Kayleigh Zara |  Instagram - @kayleighzaraart____| Twitter - @_kayleighzara

Olivia Lucie Blake - Interviewing my Parents about Being Parents

Hi, my names Olivia and I run I recently returned to blogging in July of this year after a 4-year break. I completely re-branded my website from a beauty-focused blog to a Lifestyle blog, and now cover various important topics such as mental health, relationships, self-care etc. 

Blogging in 2020 really saved me and my mental health. It's given me so many amazing opportunities and given me a hobby I really enjoy. My favourite posts from 2020 are when I interviewed my parents about being parents. I actually learnt a lot from them and it helped me understand some things about parenting too!

Blog - Olivia Lucie Blake |  Instagram - @olivialucieblake | Twitter - @olivialucie

Not so Modern Girl - 21 Things I've Learnt in 21 Years

I’m a UK blogger from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and I write regular articles about lifestyle topics that are relevant to other 20-somethings. I also review films and shows I’ve loved. I work part-time as a medical receptionist at my local doctor’s surgery, and I hope to someday work on my blog full time. My favourite post this year was my 21 things I've learnt in 21 years.

Phew, that's it for this mammoth post! I tried to include as many bloggers as possible and I hope you've found some fabulous new posts to read to well and truly kick off 2021! I've absolutely loved compiling this post and getting to read some of my favourite bloggers posts again. Like I said before, blogging takes so much time and hard work so it's so lovely to support and celebrate bloggers - be sure to check out everyone's blogs and social media, they're a fab bunch with the most incredible blogs too!

Saturday, 2 January 2021

A Roundup of 2020

 2020 was a year full of so much expectation and it stated off incredibly normally. It amazes me how much things changed in such a short and quick space of time and how drastically different life still is now nearly one year on! I thought it would be fun to reflect and look back on some of the things I did manage to do and achieve in 2020 and look back on what will definitely be a memorable year. 


January 2020 could not be further from what January 2021 will be. Myself and my boyfriend spent the New Year in Seville and it was a lovely trip - I still need to write up my Seville guide so hopefully, that'll be coming in the next few months. It was so bizarre to go from the freezing UK weather to hot - we spent the entire time in shorts whilst most people there had scarves and jackets on. I remember we were running late for the New Year countdown in the centre so the last moments of 2019 were spent frantically running through the streets of Seville trying to make it in time to see in the New Year!

seville plaza de espana fishing boat by bridge


Again, this month could not be further from the rest of the year. It was my boyfriend's 21st birthday and our anniversary so we went away for a little weekend break in Lymington - again I still need to write the travel guide as it's still in my drafts! This weekend was the week of a horrendous storm so the town and sea were eerily quiet. Due to the storm, we actually had to stay an extra night as we couldn't get back which we thoroughly made the most of - another night of a swimming pool, gorgeous scenery to explore and a suite!

lymington street

MARCH 2020

The month where everything changed. The end of February and March had been full of university strikes so I barely had anything to do anyway as everything had already been cancelled so I was somewhat prepared for lockdown! My mum's birthday meal was meant to be the first weekend of lockdown but we never made it there. Also, myself and my boyfriend were meant to travel to Edinburgh on the 24th but sadly that was cancelled.

APRIL 2020

April 2020 is a month where I don't remember much happening. The weather was quite nice, went for a lot of walks and read some books. The first few online lectures started which took some getting used to.

MAY 2020

This is the month I started up my blog again and began posting. I bought my own domain finally and really started to take my blog more seriously. I am so grateful that I started blogging again as I really don't know what I would've done to pass the time. It's been great to have something to focus on and I have enjoyed writing posts and watching my blog grow again!

JUNE 2020

June had some more university deadlines and I really pushed myself to focus on my blog even more. I dyed my hair at home as I was desperate to be blonde again and I started to do more exercise and get a bit fitter.

lily pond in countryside

JULY 2020

July is a bit like April where I don't remember that much happening. University finished and I took some time to really chill and relax.


August had a lot more freedom and things started to seem slightly more normal. In August, I went away with my family to Lincoln for 5 days and had a lovely time. The weather was so nice and we had a hot tub and pool to use which was an added bonus. Towards the end of the month, myself and my boyfriend travelled to Cambridge for a few days and a fab time too!

lincoln steep hill with independent shops


September again seemed more normal and I started celebrating my 21st birthday towards the end of the month. I went out for a lovely meal with friends and got all dressed up which felt so nice. We had a fab time and I really started to get excited about my birthday.


My birthday month! I turned 21 on 3rd October and had a lovely day. Again, things were pretty normal at the start of the month and my family and boyfriend all went out for a meal to celebrate. I felt thoroughly spoilt and my boyfriend even rebooked our trip to Edinburgh for December as a birthday surprise!

galaxy 21st birthday cake


November was fairly dull. I had lots of university deadlines and the UK went into lockdown again. I spent most of my time either studying, writing essays, blogging or going out for walks. 


December was the month I was meant to go to Edinburgh but it was cancelled. Again. We're hoping we'll be able to go one day but for now, we're not even risking booking anything. December was also Christmas and I had such a lovely time! For us, we never normally see family that much around Christmas as they live far away so it felt like a very normal Christmas for us but I really feel for those who spent it alone or without the ones they loved.

Despite the obvious challenges of 2020 I actually quite enjoyed the year. It was filled with plenty of good times and I really enjoyed having more time for the things I wanted to do. I read more books than I would've been able to, I started my blog again and I really appreciated where I live and exploring new places! There are plenty of habits I'd like to carry forward into 2021 and I set myself some goals to try and stick to for next year too!

How was your 2020? Do you have any goals for 2021?

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