What Have I won?

by - January 10, 2014

Another what have I won! Again from Miss Sporty, I promise I'm not 'in with them' if that makes sense! This time I won a years supply of makeup, which let me tell you is a lot of makeup for 1 teenager!

Imagine how I felt when this landed on my door step! Trust me, it's bigger than it looks - like the tardis ;) 

So, inside were 2 makeup bags stuffed to the brim of makeup and a very fetching t-shirt!

So these are the nail varnishes! I will update later on when I have all the shade names!

The eye stuff...



Lip products...

And lastly blush and bronzer!

So that is what I won from Miss Sporty, I'm incredibly grateful! Have you won anything recently??

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  1. Replies
    1. haha, I entered a competition with them and had to answer clues, and luckily I won! xxx

  2. Greeeattt ! I've never won anything hha xx

  3. OMG!!!!!!! That's amazing! You're definitely sorted, especially in mascara department!