Creative Writing Competition

by - February 04, 2014

Hi guys! 

Recently I entered a  creative writing competition with Kate Maryon! It had to be 1000 words or less and based around a shoe. Here's what I came up with! Welcome to the Shoeniverse!

I was in the local park, walking, alone, minding my own business. Nobody was around – it was oddly peaceful. Suddenly, a gold shoe plummeted down to earth. It was a metallic gold converse. I picked it up and then…

I awoke with a start. What a strange dream. A gold shoe plummeting to earth? Where did that come from? I started to get ready, throwing on a pair of joggers and a t-shirt. Grabbing my phone, I went out of my house. I was going for my usual Sunday morning run. Just as I was jogging along, the same gold shoe that was in my dream fell to earth. How was this possible I thought to myself? Surely I was hallucinating. Shoes don’t just fall to earth. It was the same gold shoe - that was too much of a coincidence. Bending down, I inspected the shoe. As I picked it up to have a closer look the world seemed to shake slightly. In a matter of seconds the shaking grew more and more violent. The world turned hazy and I began to feel alarmed. Then, it one quick flash of light I started to fall, down and down, deeper and deeper, until I landed with a sharp thud…

Scrambling to my feet I surveyed my surroundings. What was this place? There seemed to be people rushing around. A busy buzz circulated the room. There was a huge round table in the centre with people who seemed to be having a heated discussion. A girl, she must’ve been about my age, scurried past. She stopped and examined me.
“Are you new around here? I’ve never seen you before.”
“You could say that.” I replied.
“Name?” She enquired.
“Brad? What kind of a name is that?”
“A normal one!” I retorted. “What’s yours?”
“I’m Stefetto, named after the great stiletto!”
“You’re named after a shoe? And you’re taking the mick out my name?!”
“Yes, everyone around here is!”
“And where exactly is around here?”
“You’re in the Shoeniverse.”
“The what?! I must be dreaming!”

Stefetto suddenly shouted,
“Quick run!”

I turned around, wondering what was going on. The round table was upturned. A shadowy figure started to run towards me. The next thing I knew, I was being dragged. Pulled along through endless corridors when finally, we reached a door. We both collapsed inside, our hearts racing.
Before I could process where we were or what had just happened, Stefetto started to say,
“Boy, that was close, if I hadn’t have grabbed you, who knows what they would’ve done?”
“What just happened and who are ‘they’?”
“Do you not know anything? They were the odours, the enemy of the Shoeniverse. They’re trying to get someone to fight them. They say it will be the battle to end all battles. Our leader is trying to find someone who’s brave enough to take part!”

In all the chaos I hadn’t realised that my shoe lace was undone, as I bent down to do it up. Stefetto stopped me and said,
“What shoes are they?”
“These, oh they’re just my odourless trainers, I use them when I’m running.”
“Hold on, back up a minute, they’re odourless trainers?”
“They’re exactly what we need! Odourless trainers to fight the odours – they’re perfect! We need you to fight for us!”
“Wait, what?! I can’t fight for you!” I protested.
“Oh yes you can! I’ll take you to Doc Marten!”
“And he is…?”
“The leader of the Shoeniverse.”
“Of course he is…” I said in a sarcastic voice.

A tall, sincere man stood before me. He approached me, eyeing me up. Stefetto had told him all about my trainers.
“So, you’re the boy to save the Shoeniverse.”
“Well, I, er… guess.” I stuttered.
“Marvellous, we’ll have you ready soon!” He boomed. He turned away then looked back,
“You fight tomorrow.”
 Before I could protest I’d been dragged out of the room the doors slammed shut and I was left, alone, with the fate of the Shoeniverse resting on my shoulders, or I should say, trainers.

The next day, I was a bag of nerves. I’d been placed in an ash grey top and trousers with my trainers on my feet. I was taken to an arena; it had what seemed like thousands of seats.

The odours entered, they were dark silhouette based figures. Now I was really nervous…

A claxon fired and I had to run. The odours headed straight for me. I didn’t know what to do, so I jumped. I flipped right over the odours. They seemed startled so I took my chance and I attempted a kick. Something in my trainer seemed to repel them. Then I realised – odourless trainers. I kicked again, this time my shoe went flying off; it hit the lead odour directly in the face. He keeled back, seemingly hurt. The odour fell to the floor and then in the blink of an eye he had vaporized. His fellow odours quickly did the same – one blink and they were gone. A black mist twirled its way across the room and into my shoe.

I couldn’t believe it; I’d actually defeated the odours and saved the Shoeniverse! I was so overwhelmed.

Steffetto ran up to me, she exclaimed,
“You’ve saved the Shoeniverse!!”
She bounced around like an excitable puppy.

Doc Marten thanked me immensely. Just as I was walking with Steffetto the world began to shake again. It grew more and more violent and in a flash of light I was back where I was before. Alone. With just the shoe lying in front of me.

I ran home leaving my trainers by the door and went up to my bedroom. Later on, my mum entered my room. As she entered, I swear I saw a dark shadow pass by. She was holding my trainers at a distance.

“Have you smelt these? I’d ask for my money back! They certainly aren’t odourless!”

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