Author Interview: Kelly McKain

by - May 06, 2014

Hello! Today I have a very exciting interview with Kelly McKain - I hope you enjoy it!

How did you come up with the Rainbow Beauty series?
I really wanted to write something about sisters, and young women in business, and of course to set it at a time in their lives where they faced huge challenges, as that’s where the most drama and potential for learning and change in their lives would be. The ideas kind of mooched around in my brain until Rainbow Beauty came out. Chatting to my editor helped too, as I’d find myself saying things I didn’t know I knew about the book ideas!

Kindle or paperback?

Paperback for me, as I feel like I’m in front of a screen a lot already… Although people keep telling me it’s not like a screen… Maybe Kindle soon as well then!

If you could have an author superpower what would it be?
Great question! The power to beam to schools all over the country to meet amazing, inspiring readers and still be back in time for tea! Saying that, nights away in lovely hotels are a treat too so perhaps I’ll stick with trains!

Are you similar to any of your characters?
Yes! Lucy from Totally Lucy – she’s a lot like I was at that age. I would love to have been like Abbie from Rainbow Beauty at 14 – brave and emotionally intelligent and rock steady (well, almost) when things look like they’re falling apart. She’s who I aspire to be like, even at my age now!

What books have either influenced you or your writing?
I loved Roald Dahl and the Faraway Tree books when I was growing up, and most of all Professor Branestawm – I loved all the inventions and the madcap humour. I was always drawn to funny books and TV shows growing up and I still am!

Once you have an idea, how do you get started with the writing?
Lots of scribbling things down on the back of envelopes while doing other things. I keep it all very messy until I’ve really shaped the idea. I don’t want to rein anything in too early.

What's your favourite part of writing?
All of it! I have a cunning system of writing so many notes that by the time I write the book I’m really just writing the actual words on top of the notes and fine-tuning. No scary blank pages or screens for me, thank you! Also the fact that I think that because I’m writing a book, an actual BOOK, it’s acceptable to start on the chocolate at 9am.

How does it feel to get a finished copy in your hands?
Really amazing and exciting! But also, not that exciting because you’re already onto the next idea. So maybe the best word is satisfying. Very satisfying. Like, awarding myself even more chocolate kind of satisfying!

Have you always been writing or is it something that you started doing later on?
I have always written as in that I always wrote stories, and made a picture book when I was 11 and a poetry book when I was about 8. While I was exploring writing as an adult I worked in advertising and as a prep school teacher for a year. My first books, the Mermaid Rock stories, were published when I was 23.

Tips for aspiring writers? 

Read loads and be super-nosy at all times. Don’t worry about the publishing side, just do what you love to do, write what you love to write and everything else will take care of itself.

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