Being Normal

by - February 08, 2016

Nowadays I feel as though there is such a stigma and pressure to be seen with the 'in' crowd and to act 'cool'. So much so that it limits what some people do.  As humans, we are defined by what we do, how we act and who we hang out with; nobody seems to look past that and see what you're like as a person, only who you are associated with.

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I for one do not care, really, what other people think of me. I'd rather be myself with a small group of friends than an entirely new human being and have an endless supply of 'friends'. I feel as though now, people care too much what others think of them and they respond in a way to just fit in. But, I'm not one of these people who wants to conform to the norm, I'd rather be different and unique in my own quirky way.

I am relatively quite different to my friends; I don't like the same music, fashion, TV etc. However, my friends can behave in such a way that they only like things as the 'cool' people like them. To be honest, I don't give a damn whether the 'cool' people like the same music as me, and why should I? We were not built to fit into one category, we were built to be our own person. 

Normal is such a subjective word. As is the word cool. They can mean totally different things to totally different people. We should never try to just plod along in life, trying to be accepted by everyone we meet. Instead, I say embrace the originality in yourself. Life's boring otherwise. Your personality should always shine through no matter what you do.

We shouldn't just be robots and clones of each other and trying to fit in is really just a waste of time. Conforming is something not in my nature; I find the quirky nature endearing. I love when someone does not care whatsoever about what people think. As people we should strive to be different, aiming to achieve that ultimate uniqueness so that nobody can copy you.

Do you constantly try to fit in? Scared to look out of place in what has become a warped society; we care too much about others opinions of us and consequently we neglect who we are. 

Being normal. What does it mean? And who cares? I say dare to be different. Dare to be you.

Tash xx

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  1. This is so true, these days I think people are happy to change themselves just to fit in which shouldn't be happening. x


  2. This is so true! I feel the same about the music thing, I used to feel embarrassed if I didn't know the song everyone was talking about or singing along to but now I just accept it and don't even bother ever listening to it if I don't like the sound of it, I'm lucky enough to have friends though who don't care about doing what's 'cool' :)x

  3. I totally agree :) You don't to need to fit in with anyone, just do what you want to do as normal can't really be defined in any way. Sometimes it's difficult with everything online but we can try to be original in our own way :)

    Angie xx
    Silk and Sapphire

  4. I couldn't have said it better! xo

  5. Aw I really agree with this! You made some really good points here! I am pretty good at not caring what others think and I completely disagreed the use of the term normal from my vocabulary a long time ago! It helped a lot x

  6. It sounds strange but I feel like a lot of young people have to go through the journey of trying to fit in and be accepted to then come around to figuring out who they are and just owning it. :) Interesting post, I wish I had read things like this when I was 14/15. x