Monday, 22 August 2016

The Perfect Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

Updated 17/10/2020

I'm not one for much makeup as I like to look as natural as possible and I definitely cannot be bothered for a full-on face of makeup every day of my life so here is my perfect routine. This barely takes any time at all and is really simple and quick, perfect for days when you've slept in a bit too much (which happens a little bit too often) and it makes my perfect and simple everyday makeup routine!

line of makeup products on fireplace maybelline loreal bodyshop soap and glory

Step 1: Primer

Firstly, I prime my face with the Body Shop Tea Tree Mattifier, I suffer from incredibly oily and acne-prone skin that I struggle to manage sometimes so this helps to keep some of that shine at bay. The tea tree is also really handy in helping to keep any spots at bay and it feels more like skincare than makeup!

Step 2: Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most important steps of any makeup routine. Luckily, I have naturally quite thick brows so I don't tend to add too much to them in order to get them how I want. I use the Maybelline Brow Drama to help keep my eyebrows in place all day. I add just a little slick of this to fill in any sparse areas and this requires such minimal effort and keeps them from looking unruly without the maintenance so it's a win-win!

Step 3: Eyeliner

This step depends on how much effort I want to put in to on that particular day but if I'm feeling particularly fancy then I'll line my eyes with the Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner. I don't do any snazzy flicks as I can never get them right so I just do a small line on my lash line. I'm a big fan of this mascara as it's super black and lasts all day.

Step 4: Mascara

The Maybelline Lash Sensational is my absolute favourite mascara! I use it all the time and don't ever bother trying others as I never like them as much. It adds length and volume without going clumpy and it doesn't smudge on me either so its earnt its holy grail status!

Step 5: Concealer

I never wear foundation so I'm a big concealer fan. The Seventeen Stay Time Concealer is my absolute favourite concealer as it doesn't crease and is the perfect shade for me. Sadly, it's been discontinued (I cry) so I'm trying to make the most of my last few drops - any concealer recommendations for pale skin are welcome!

Step 6: Blush

As I've said before, I have incredibly pale skin so I add a bit of blush to my cheekbones to make me look a little bit awake and alive. I quite like blushes that also have a little bit of shimmer to add a subtle glow to my face too!

Step 7: Powder

I cannot go anywhere without powdering as my skin gets so oily. I also make sure to carry blotting sheets with me wherever I go so that I can touch up and manage the oil throughout the day.

Step 8: Lipstick

Last but not least is lipstick - my favourite part! I'm not loyal to any particular lipstick but the one in the photo is the L'Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm in Go Pretty or Go Home. This adds just a little bit of colour to my lips without being overpowering and it's super moisturising too which I love!

That's it for my everyday simple makeup routine! It seems like a lot of steps when I write it down but I promise that it is the most simple and easiest everyday makeup look and that it barely takes longer than 10 mins!

What do you use in your everyday makeup routine? What are your holy grail products?


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