Thursday, 16 August 2018

13 Lessons I Learnt in Year 13

Seen as it's A-Level results day and having completed my A-Levels and am off to my top uni in September (!!!) I thought a fun little list post of some of the realities and experiences that I've had across those couple of years would be nice to look back on in the future.

1. No matter how much you like a subject there will be parts of it you will come to hate eventually if not all of it.
2. You won't remember that homework for later - just write it down.
3. The AOs will haunt you for the rest of your life.
4. You're gonna have to answer that question in Spanish even if you have no idea what was just said cause you're the only person there.
5. Don't try and take 4 A-levels - you lasted a week with Maths.
6. The common room is always a distraction - if you want to work go somewhere else.
7. Don't cram revise, you've tried too many times and it doesn't work.
8. New stationery, whilst nice, is not a motivator to revise.
9. There is way too much content to learn in History.
10. Don't study the wrong book in English.
11. It's not that bad if you get something wrong.
12. Some people are idiots and you've just got to accept that.
13. If you work hard now, it'll all be worth it in the summer and on results day!

A-levels were, being completely honest, both a good and bad time in my life. Yes, they were stressful and weren't without their breakdowns but, overall did I enjoy them? Yes! On the whole, I liked my subjects, my classes and my teachers. I had good friends around me and we did a lot in those 2 years. Now that they've been finished for just over a month I've had such a great summer already and there's still lots more to come!

What have your experiences at A-level been like?

Tash x

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