Friday, 27 September 2019

Ultimate Travel Guide to Berlin

For anyone who knows me I have always been obsessed with visiting Germany. There is no specific or apparent reason for this, it's just something I have wanted to do for the longest time. And, I can finally say that this summer I now have a big tick next to  'Visit Germany' on my bucket list!! I went to Berlin for 5 days with my boyfriend and loved every minute of it! I love sharing my experiences of travelling and what the best things to do are so here are my recommendations if you ever find yourself in this wonderful city.

This was one of my favourite things that we did. You have to book in advance in order to gain entry but the building is free anyway so it doesn't make much difference. The highlight (and one of the main reasons for visiting) is going to the glass dome. In essence you gradually walk up the dome and look out at the view of Berlin as you go - it's an easy way to spot some of the major attractions and sights of the city.

The classic tourist attraction and arguably one of the main reasons people visit the city of Berlin. After leaving the metro station you're pretty much at the wall. It isn't anywhere near as tall as I thought it would be for some reason and I'm not sure why I had visions of this giant concrete structure. As you can imagine there's a seemingly endless supply of art across the wall to look at so you can find yourself spending a fair amount of time here.

Think Harrods but German and you've pretty much got what this shop is. It was so much fun to just walk through the shop playing guess the price and seeing how much we couldn't afford. The pen area was a standout part and testing out all the fountain pens and writing words down could've kept us amused for hours.

This was a little hidden gem of our Berlin trip as there was literally no-one here when we went to visit. The main entrance was shut off but we managed to find our way round. The statues are absolutely HUGE, massively imposing structures that completely and utterly loom over you. It's located in Treptower park which is a lovely little park for a walk around too.

I think this was the prettiest place we went to in Berlin and relatively quiet in terms of tourists. This cute little market place was littered with plenty of nice buildings and architecture. Also, it has the best Ampelmann shop in the square (we became a little obsessed with Ampelmann as the week went on and the shops have so many cool things in them).

Berlin is hands down one of my favourite places that I've visited and I would love to go again one day. This is just a little snippet of some of the things we visited and did but there are seemingly countless other places to explore; Alexanderplatz, Potsdamer Platz, the Sony Centre, Fersehtum, Olympic Park, Memorial to the Murdered Jews and the Brandenburg Gate are just a selection of the other places we explored. 10/10 would recommend Berlin!

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  1. What lovely images! I can't wait to visit Berlin in the future. Thank you for sharing x

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