A Reflection on My First Year at University

Post updated October 2020

My first year of university seems to have gone by in absolute whirlwind to be completely honest. It only seems like a couple of months ago that I was starting out in the world of lectures and now BAM, I've only got 2 years left of education before the big wide world is well and truly upon me. If you're wondering about what first year will be like then I have a whole post covering everything that I discovered during that time and what I wish I'd known before starting university if you need more advice!

The first year was a complete mix of new people, new places and adjusting to a new lifestyle all in a relatively short space of time. 

glasses on book beside laptop, studying at uk university first year student
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Getting used to the routine of lectures and seminars along with having to fend for yourself and do everything for yourself takes a while to get used to, and certainly when it came to cooking did I find myself stuck in a rut of pasta, pasta and a little bit more pasta just to spice things up a bit. I loved the never-ending freedom of first year and being able to just decide to go out and being within walking distance to the city centre was such a novelty (especially for someone who had to drive 20-30 mins to get to anywhere vaguely interesting and with a life).


A fair amount of personal things changed along with first year. I managed to find a boyfriend(!!!) which for someone as shy and awkward as me, this was quite a major life event! We've been together nearly 8 months as I write this post and things are very very good! However, also throughout first year I found myself drifting even more so from old friends and that's okay as I still have friends both new and old to accompany me through life.


The temptation to skip lectures was strong throughout first year as the fatal words of 'first year doesn't count' constantly echoes through your head. And yes, I skipped a couple of seminars (a few more than a couple) across the year but nothing too drastic. Adjusting to the university mentality in terms of studying also took quite a while. It's so easy to stick to what you know but university really is all about pushing your writing style out of its comfort zone and I have well and truly discovered that I will always be behind on reading no matter what.

This seems like quite a rambly and not much point to it post but it's been quite therapeutic to write. First year has been such a rollercoaster (an incredibly quick one too) and whilst I'm looking forward to second year, I know it's going to be so much more intense. But, I've got the right people with me and I'm feeling motivated so hopefully I've got this?

Are you starting university soon or have been through it? How did your first-year compare? 

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