5 Days in Prague: Travel Guide

I've had this post sitting in drafts for months on end and given the madness of the world recently it didn't seem appropriate to post a travel destination but now that we have fewer restrictions I thought I would finally unleash this post out into the world for you to enjoy!

Since my parents went to Prague to celebrate their wedding anniversary a few years ago it has made its way onto my list of places to travel, so last year myself and my boyfriend decided to take a trip to this lovely city as a quick break before we headed back to university. Here are some of our favourite things that we did!

Petrin Tower
This little tower was inspired by Paris' Eiffel Tower and its structure and design are in homage to that. The tower offers an excellent view across the city of Prague and on a clear day, you can see for miles. The level below the top floor actually offers a slightly nicer view as the viewing platform isn't anywhere near as crowded or hot meaning you can fully appreciate the landscape. The 299 steps up the tower and the walk to the attraction can be a bit of a challenge to climb but the view is worth it at the top!

Prague Castle and Cathedral
This is probably one of the most famous things to do in Prague and is definitely worth a visit. The architecture of the cathedral is stunning and it's such a beautiful building inside as well. Student tickets only cost between £4-6 and gave us access to all sorts of areas. There are a couple of good viewing platforms dotted around the site in order to appreciate the view of the city as well.

Old Town Square
Again, probably one of the main attractions is its Old Town. This square is absolutely beautiful with so much architecture to look at. The astronomical clock is quite the novelty to look at when it chimes every hour. There are seemingly countless side streets to explore with such an array of food, drink and shopping places. Be sure to get a Trdelnik (or chimney cake) whilst you're there - we got slightly addicted to them whilst in Prague. 

Charles Bridge 
A key tourist attraction to Prague is the Charles Bridge. Essentially, it's a famous bridge with statues on it that now also hosts a variety of stall type things as well where you can buy souvenirs. It offers a lovely view of the river and is nice for a meander down. There's a small museum at the foot of the bridge which can be done in about 20 mins if you fancy knowing more about the history.

Boat Ride
One of my favourite things that we did was a boat ride across the river. It was so nice to take in the sights from the comfort of your own seat, and we even got free lemonade and ice cream whilst onboard which was an added bonus. We learnt a fair amount about the history of Prague and it gave you a good overview of the city and its sights so it was well worth doing!

Prague is such a beautiful city with everything within walking distance to each other making it an ideal destination for a few days. Everything you want to see is easily accessible and stunning! You could get lost in the side streets for hours (and in fairness, we did sometimes) but there is lots of Prague to explore. I'd highly recommend a visit! Ooh and be sure to pin the Prague bucket list for later!


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