Why You Need a Gap Year

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Taking a gap year can unlock so many opportunities as you have a whole year to explore, gain experience and try new things. The possibilities for your gap year are endless, and it can be hard to decide what to do. From travelling to volunteering, here is why you need a gap year before heading off to university!

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You can help out worthy causes

When you take a gap year, you have the choice of what you want to do. There are so many routes to go down, but one of the things you can do is travel the world and volunteer in countries that aren't as well off. There are lots of programmes that allow you to volunteer all across the world in various projects. You can do all sorts of volunteering jobs, including working with animals, the environment or communities. Projects vary per country, but no matter what you choose on your gap year, you'll be helping people in need and worthy causes. This is a really fun way to travel the world, and would look amazing on your CV!

You Can Travel The World

Travelling as a student doesn't have to be expensive. The COVID pandemic has meant that flights are really affordable, and many touristy countries are keen on having tourists to help their economy. There are lots of places you can travel to, and being a student often means you get a discount. I wrote a whole blog post on travelling to Dubai on a budget to show you that you don't need to have lots of money in the bank to explore the world! I also have a Florida travel post if you're looking to head to the USA! A lot of courses can take upwards of 5 years, so travel while you can. You never know where you'll be after university!

You can create amazing memories to share

Memories can be made when you travel, at work or even when you volunteer. There are so many memories to make! From the people you meet to the sight you see, there are memories to be made at every turn! You may decide to travel alone, which means it'll be your story to tell, but travelling with friends can be a lot of fun too. Memories can be created in the smallest of places, so make sure you enjoy yourself on your gap year, and the happy times will come flooding it! When you have these experiences, they will give you interesting stories to tell others when you go to university. It can be a great ice-breaker when meeting new people!

 You learn key life skills

If you're looking to broaden your knowledge and lifeskills, taking a gap year is the perfect way to do this! It allows you to volunteer, work or travel, all of which will give you life skills. Some life skills will help you in university. If you can, try to learn:


 You can earn money before uni

University can be a very expensive time, and many students won't be allowed to have a job during term time. It can be financially straining for some, but taking a gap year gives you the chance to work! You could try out different jobs, giving you a perspective for what you'd want to do in future. It means you can save up money and put it away. You may not make much, but having some saving is better than having none. If you get work experience, you may have a job lined up for you on weekends, holidays or after university! It is good to keep your foot in the door.

reasons why you should take a gap year to travel

 You'll understand what you want to do in life

As I mentioned with work, you get a chance to keep your foot in the door, and possibly have a job later on. Taking a gap year allows you to do whatever you want, which in turn, let's you get a feel for your future. You'll have an extra year to learn the world and figure out what you want to do after university, or even if it's still the route you want to take. Any experience you decide to take on your gap year will help you to share your future. It can also give you opportunities for later on in life, so make sure to make whatever you do count. Don't waste this time!

 I hope those 6 reasons have given you a chance to consider taking a gap year. With the recent events, the last thing you may want to do is stay at home for another year! There are lots of other reasons why you should take a gap year. Only you should decide if it is right for you! Have you taken a gap year? Would you agree with these reasons? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments!


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reasons why you should take a gap year to travel

reasons why you should travel during your gap year


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