5 Autumn Beauty Essentials

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With Autumn not too far in the distant future (sadly), I've started to think about changing up some of the products I use to coincide with the cooler months. I love Autumn as a season (mainly because it's my birthday in October) but my beauty routine definitely undergoes some changes as the months get colder. I thought I'd share my Autumn beauty essentials for the Autumn months! 

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Autumn Essential 1: Lip Balm

Lip balm is essential for me all year round but even more so in Autumn as I found that my lips are prone to feeling dry and chapped more often. I find myself reaching for it more and more as the months go by. Carmex is my go-to for keeping my lips smooth and when I pop some on at night, I wake up with smooth and not dry lips. In fact, it's one of my all-time favourite skincare products ever and if you're interested in skincare for acne-prone and oily skin it features there too! I always keep a lip balm with me in the cooler months so that I can slick some on whenever my lips start to not feel their best. It's an absolute staple when it comes to my autumn beauty essentials as I hate the feeling of dry and chapped lips!

Autumn Essential 2: Nail Varnish

Nail varnish is a product I go through stages with and sometimes my nails will always be painted and other times I very rarely do anything with them. In Autumn, I try and put a bit more care into my nails as it's one of the few self-care things that I don't mind doing in winter. I feel so much more put together when I have my nails painted and the Autumn/Winter months tend to be seasons where I feel more meh towards myself and take less care so painting my nails really helps to boost my self-esteem and make me feel a bit more pampered. I love berry, red and nude colours (along with a sprinkling of glitter) during Autumn and painting my nails is a staple when I want to look after myself a bit more but with minimal effort!

Autumn Essential 3: A Good Cleanser

It's no surprise that the weather is less than wonderful during Autumn (especially in the UK) and our faces have to contend with all sorts of elements, along with the re-introduction of central heating which can play havoc with skin. For that reason, an absolute essential for me is a good cleanser to use after removing makeup to ensure that my skin doesn't become clogged with excess oil, product or dirt. I find during winter I wear more makeup anyway as my skin looks tired or dull and needs a bit more coverage than in the summer months. 

Autumn Essential 4: Moisturiser - face and body

I think, like most people, body care tends to go out of the window when the Autumn/Winter months roll in as who has the time or energy to stand there slathering moisturiser on in the cold when they get out of the shower? For that reason, a thicker and more luxurious body moisturiser is essential for me so I can get away with moisturising every few days instead of all the time. It saves me time and hassle and most importantly, from standing in the cold trying to get smooth legs! In terms of the face, as I said earlier, our skin goes through a lot during the transition for cooler months and it can be left feeling less than perfect so I love using a night cream to breathe some more life back into it. Although I have incredibly oily skin, it is also prone to dry patches, especially if I've been using a spot cream, so a night-time moisturiser to keep my skin looking healthy and smooth is essential for the Autumn months.

Autumn Essential 5: Berry Lip

I'm not really a red lipstick kind of gal at the best of times so berry is as good as it gets! I think in Autumn/Winter it's much easier to experiment with darker colours and styles so I'm much more likely to sport a darker lip in the colder months. I tend to only wear nude, pink lipsticks during the day and warmer months but there's something quite nice about having a darker lip that makes me feel like I've put in a lot of effort without really trying at all. If I manage to match my lipstick to my outfit or nails then we're onto a winner and I feel like my life is so put-together in comparison to usual! As things become, dare I say it, more festive (!!) the berry-toned lipsticks come out more often and are something I only wear during the cooler months.

Those are my top 5 Autumn beauty essentials that I cannot live without when the weather starts to get cooler. The transition from summer to autumn is something I love as it means my birthday is around the corner and it's time to crack out the jumpers and boots. The start of a new academic year and the cooler weather always makes me feel much more productive and motivated for the last few months of the year and switching up my beauty regime is a sign that those times are coming and soon it'll be Christmas! 


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