5 Days in Lincoln: A Travel Guide

Earlier this year, myself, my family and boyfriend ventured off for a staycation in Lincoln. Obviously, this year travel abroad has been a no-go but we still wanted to get away somewhere and Lincoln was where we ended up! It's a part of the country we'd never really explored before, which was odd considering it's not that far away from us (about a 2-hour drive). Lincoln completely exceeded my expectations and it was so picturesque! 

lincoln steep hill, market town, independent shops, flags and bunting, cobbled streets

Cathedral and Castle

These two attractions go hand in hand as they're pretty much next door to each other. In order to get to them, you need to venture up Steep Hill - and when they mean steep, they really mean steep! It's quite the trek up there but the street is full of independent shops and cafes if you need to pause halfway up. Once you get to the top, the castle and cathedral are quite impressive. The grounds of the castle are free to walk around so we spent our time wandering around the grounds of the castle admiring the view.

Lancaster Bomber

We visited the Lancaster Bomber centre just outside of Lincoln for my dad but it was actually pretty interesting. The main attraction is the fact you can see the Lancaster Bomber being driven up and down a runway - it makes quite the racket but it's an impressive sight. The centre itself is split into several different buildings that you can walk around, and whilst aircraft might not be my favourite past time, I actually quite liked the museum. It focused more so on personal stories from those at the time which I liked reading and learning about. 


This was a really cute little market town near to where we were staying. It has similar vibes to Lincoln but on a smaller scale. It's full of little independent shops and cafes to explore and a nice church too. I did history at A-level and the church in the town was a part of the Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion which I studied so that was a fun fact to discover whilst walking round! The town itself is relatively big and there are lots of little alleyways to explore and it even has it's own museum if you fancy learning more about life there!

lincoln cathedral, stone walls, grass

Mablethorpe Beach

Mablethorpe beach is probably one of the biggest beaches around Lincoln and we popped there before we checked into where we were staying. It's not my favourite beach destination as it's a bit too commercial and busy for my liking, but, as someone who doesn't live anywhere near a beach (the perks of living in the Midlands!), it was still nice to walk along by the water and take a stroll along the sandy beach. It's always a novelty going to the seaside as it's somewhere I don't go that often and it makes a trip feel so much more like a holiday when a beach is involved!

Lincoln and its surrounding areas are so lovely to explore. There was a lot more to see and do than I expected and having the beach so close was so good! It's a city that has a bit of everything as you can visit the historical attractions, go shopping in both high street and independent places and you've also got the beach pretty close to you. It's a win-win all round!

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Have you ever visited Lincoln? What did you think of it?

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