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The lockdown renovation bug is still very much alive in my household and this isn't the first room we have decided to decorate in the past few months! We've lived in this house for over 8 years now and slowly (but surely) it is starting to change to how we like it. Most rooms were either purple or bright orange when we moved in so it's come a long way since those days but myself and my mum are always in the mood for a redecoration regardless of the season!

The 'room' that was subject to our interior design eye this time was the hallway and landing! A place I think that is often neglected in a house as it's just somewhere you walk through to get to another room, but, let's not forget that first impressions count! This is the space that is seen as soon as someone comes into our house so it's important that you let them make an entrance.

We decided to spruce up the hallway and landing a bit to make it a bit lighter, brighter and more welcoming. It is by no means complete but you can get the general gist of where we're going with this mini-renovation! Here's everything we're doing to renovate our hallway on a budget!

Renovation Tip 1: Colour

We're a big lover of colour in this household, not quite bright purple or orange walls level of colour but we like to inject a bit of vibrancy into a room. Enter Photowall! A Swedish brand that offers thousands upon thousands of incredible designs and prints that are guaranteed to liven up any room and make it your own. Not only do they have an abundance of prints, wallpapers and canvases to suit any taste but I also love the fact that they are considerate to the environment also, something I am trying to work on this year!

It took me and my mum hours to decide on something that we both liked but eventually, after much deliberation we ended up choosing a galaxy Canvas print. We both loved the fact that it wasn't obviously a galaxy and when you first look at it you might just think it's some abstract shapes but when you pay closer attention to it you start to see the outline of the planets, the little rocket in the corner and the stars to the side. We got the 100cm by 60cm size to really make a statement as we have quite a big hallway and it fits perfectly where we wanted it to go.

galaxy wall print of various colours on white canvas photowall

Assembly was surprisingly easy and took less than 20 minutes to put our canvas together (thanks to my dad for helping with that and commenting on how 'well made' the frame was)! 

I really love the finished look of it as it adds that bit of colour to the hallway to make it a brighter and more welcoming space and the fact that there are so many colours on the canvas gave us a lot of scope to incorporate a whole variety of colours into the rest of the landing and hallway too in our mini-renovation plans! 

(Side note: this is on a wall in our hallway but I couldn't get a good enough photo that showed off all the colours in their full glory so here's a picture I took before it was hung up!)

Renovation Tip 2: Make it Personal

This is one of my favourite parts of the hallway as I love how personal it is to us. Essentially we decided to take prints from an old calendar we had, put them into frames and then display them. The calendar (before it was cut up) had different travel destinations from across the world and we've framed the places that we've been to so that every time you walk past you can stop and have a little reminder of where we've travelled in the world. 

coloured prints in coloured frames by mirror, console table and hallway. coloured vases and plants at side

Hopefully, when travel is more widely allowed again we can continue to add to this wall with a whole host of new and exciting places that we've been to! At the moment it has images of Budapest, Barcelona, Prague, London, Amsterdam and Rome and we're excited to start adding more places - any recommendations welcome as I'm always looking for new places to travel to! We also tried to incorporate some of the colours from our Photowall print with the frames to tie everything in together and make it work as a scheme.

My other favourite part of the hallway is where we have this amazing print of the family alongside our two llamas. I think it looks so lovely and the cartoon image always attracts comments from passers-by too!

two brightly coloured llamas beside family photo frame in mini room renovation makeover

Renovation Tip 3: Lighting

Our hallway and landing is quite a dark place with not much natural light coming into it - it made taking some of these photos a nightmare, I must say! To try and combat these we've installed some very snazzy lights along the stairs to try and make the space a bit funkier and to add some much-needed light.

I absolutely adore these lights (shout out to my boyfriend for getting them for my 21st birthday) as they have so many different settings that you can change for any mood or setting. They plug into the wall and come with a remote which is also incredibly handy and it's so much fun to just stand and play around with them too.

mood lighting alongside staircase, led light strip that changes colours

They attached really easily to the side of our staircase as they have a sticky underlayer that works for most surfaces. I think they add so much to the space and really make the room feel completely different from before. It feels quite futuristic and so snazzy to be able to change the colour of the room at the touch of a button so I am a big, big fan!

Those are three small tips and things that we've done to try to re-invent our hallway and liven it up a little. It wasn't the biggest of renovation projects but often it's the small changes that make the biggest differences to a space and our hallway definitely has a bit more life breathed into it now! 

Photowall has also been kind enough to give a 25% off with the code agirlwithview25 (discount off any product on the site + valid for one month), so if you're looking to spruce up something in your house now is the time to do it! There are so many great pieces on their site, I could browse for hours!

What do you think of our budget hallway renovation? Where would you re-decorate in your house?

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