Mineralissima Makeup: An Honest Review

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Post Updated January 2021

The beauty industry is changing and the demand for vegan and cruelty-free makeup products are fast becoming a priority for both brands and consumers alike. Mineralissima is a brand that focuses on being great for your skin and the planet which is something I've tried to be a lot more conscious of in the past few months as I've tried to adapt my beauty regime to become more eco-friendly. Its products are perfume-free, suitable for sensitive skin and allow your skin to breathe which are all things I look for in a foundation - no-one wants to look completely clogged up with makeup, it's not a good look!

Mineral makeup is something I used to use when I first dabbled with makeup way back in the day. I remember my mum used mineral products and it was something I liked using as it was so natural on the skin and didn't look like you were wearing makeup at all. I absolutely hate looking like I'm wearing makeup so anything that looks just like skin is a winner for me! I've been trying out Mineralissima makeup for a while now and here are my thoughts!

blotting powder, mineral primer and mineral foundation on white sheets with silver jewellery in background


Primer is a key step to any makeup routine as preparation is vital for a more flawless and seamless makeup application. This works by tipping a bit of the product into the lid, swirling a brush through the powder and lightly dusting it over the skin to prep it for the foundation. I'm a big fan of this primer and often use it as a powder too after applying the foundation. I love how light-weight the formula is and the fact it's transparent means it blends seamlessly into my skin without looking like there's anything there. It blurs out any minor imperfections and redness to create a good base for the foundation - I'm a big fan!

Foundation Kit

The idea of this kit is genius as I'm forever struggling to find the right shade and match for my pale skin. I constantly think a shade looks okay in the shop, take it home and then realise it's too dark for me and I can't use it. Minerallisima allows you to purchase tester kits that come with several different shades so you don't have to commit to buying a full-size product before finding out that it doesn't match your skin tone which is perfect for those, like me, who struggle to get a skin match. The application for this works in the same way as the primer - tip some product out, swirl your brush and dust over your face.

I've found that Alder is my best skin match though I could probably get away with wearing all of the shades (except Oak) at various points during the year depending on my skin tone. If you're looking for heavy coverage then these products are probably not going to be for you but as someone who rarely wears foundation and is always on the hunt for products that just look like skin then these are a winner for me! They even out your complexion and cover minor skin issues without looking powdery or cakey - they're perfect for if you're in a rush and want to add a tiny bit of coverage to feel more confident in your skin without the need for covering your face in product. I love how natural the finish is and how my skin can breathe too, I try not to exacerbate any spots or blemishes I might have so these products are great for allowing them to breathe and not be caked in makeup.


Oil Absorbing Sheets

As someone who battles with oily skin constantly, these have been an absolute lifesaver! They're so easy to just pop into your handbag and use throughout the day whenever you think your skin has started to go a bit shiny (which for me is a lot)! They don't remove your makeup when blotting which I've found can be an issue with other blotting sheets I've used in the past. These have quickly become an essential for me when I'm out and about as I used to hate seeing that oily/greasy shine on my face when I caught sight of my face in a mirror but now that is no longer an issue with these sheets!

Overall, I've been really impressed with Mineralissima makeup. Like I've said before, if you're after full coverage then these probably aren't the products for you but if, like me, you look for something that looks exactly like skin and doesn't feel heavy then I'd highly recommend giving these products a try!

Have you ever tried Mineralissima or mineral makeup? What did you think of it? 

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