My New Year Goals for 2021

I can't quite believe that 2021 is just over a week away - how mad is that! It's been an odd year, to say the least, but also not necessarily a bad one. I celebrated my 21st birthday, restarted my blog and entered my final year at university. I loved how 2020 meant we had more time to do other things and life got that bit slower and it was so nice to take time for myself and do more of the things I loved. It's crazy to think that this time last year me and my boyfriend spent new year in Seville - how times have changed for this new year! 

I'm not normally one for New Years Resolutions normally and I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't manage to stick to these goals but I thought it would be nice to reflect on one of the craziest years and set myself some new year goals to try and stick with into 2021. 

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 Blog Consistently + Get a Paid Post

Like I mentioned earlier, 2020 and the pandemic meant I started up my blog again and I have loved it! I really started to pay more attention to my blog and it has undergone a whole new design which I am still in love with. I also started to promote it more, try to get to grips with SEO, bought my own domain and have tried to boost my DA whilst also posting every week! I would love in 2021 to keep up with posting and promoting consistently as blogging is something that I love doing. If possible, being paid for a post or getting some form of payment for something related to my blog would be incredible! I  run this blog as a hobby and do not do it for money or with the view of doing it full time but if I could collaborate or get paid for a post that would be incredible!

Aim for a First in my Degree and Dissertation

It's final year which means it's dissertation time! At the moment I average a first (I think) but that could all change as third-year counts for double second-year. It would be a dream to achieve a first in my dissertation and in my overall degree so I'm going to keep pushing for it and hopefully by the time I graduate I'll have a first! 

Do some form of exercise twice a week

I need to get fitter but the problem is I hate most forms of exercise. I spend a lot of time sat in front of my laptop either doing university work, blogging, reading or watching something that I need to be more active. During the first lockdown, I was going out for walks every day and trying to do home workouts several times a week but as the weather has changed that has been drastically reduced. I did try and start running but I wasn't a fan but I may need to try it again as I would love to get fitter in 2021 to stay healthy! Any fitness or exercise tips or recommendations are welcome!

Drink 2 bottles of water a day

I am notoriously bad at drinking water/drinking anything. I am like a cactus sometimes and it's such a bad habit. I just don't tend to feel thirsty so I forget to drink and if I do drink a lot then I need the loo constantly. I have a massive water bottle that holds about a litre so my aim is to try and drink 2 of those a day. I normally manage the first one quite easily in the mornings but after that, I have been known to not take another drink till before I go to bed or even the next day which is so bad. My aim is to remember to drink in the afternoons so I can actually have 2 bottles a day!

Grow my Instagram

I recently started an Instagram not too long ago and don't really know what I'm doing. I'm not the biggest Instagram fan but it's something I'd like to try alongside my blog. I don't have a theme or am that concerned about the aesthetics of it, I'd just like to try it out and hopefully grow it a bit more this year! Feel free to follow me on my Instagram if you don't already!

Keep up my Skincare Routine

With lockdown, I barely wore any makeup for months on end and really tried to focus on looking after my skin. I did start to see some improvements (though as I write this post I have a massive flare-up). I managed to find some products that worked for me and also had something prescribed to try and help it out even more. I want to try and stick to what I've been doing with my skin to hopefully see some more improvements - my biggest areas are excessive oiliness and acne so any recommendations are always welcome!

Shop Less

I do tend to shop quite a lot but in 2021 I really want to cut down on how much I buy as I don't need everything. I'm all for treating yourself every now and then but I do tend to go through phases where I buy nothing for a few months and then seemingly buy everything. I have more than enough clothes and have been working my way through my skincare and body collection so I have no need for anything else.

Read 40 books

I managed to read more than 40 books this year due to lockdown but if things are (hopefully) busier this year I may not be able to get through as much. I've set my Goodreads target to 40 again this year and I'm hoping that I can reach that! My issue normally is that it takes me much longer to get through a university book than a book I actually want to read so a 300-page book will take me twice as long and slow me down.

Phew, there seem to be quite a few goals there for 2021! Like I said before, I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't achieve them all but they're things that will be in the back of my mind and aims for the year. Hopefully, 2021 proves to be a less eventful year than 2020 but who knows! I hope you enjoyed this post and have a fab new year!

Do you normally set yourself new year goals? Have you set yourself any for 2021?

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