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I'm back with a cheeky mid-week festive post just before Christmas - I can't believe it's only a few days away! Thank you to Lauren at Wool of the King for tagging me, be sure to check out her post too!

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The Christmas Tag Rules 

1. Put on your favourite Christmas playlist to listen to while answering! 

2. Have a Christmas drink and/or snack while writing.

3. Thank the blogger who tagged you and link to their site.

4. Answer the 10 original questions.

5. Answer the questions set by whoever tagged you.

6. Ask 2 questions of your own Tag 6 bloggers to take part.

Without anymore delaying, here are my answers!

When do your decorations go up?

We usually put the Christmas decorations up during the first weekend in December as I always think that November is too early!

Who is the Scrooge of your family or friendship group?

To be honest, probably me or my dad! Although I've been feeling rather festive this year I tend to find that I don't get that excited for Christmas as I much prefer my birthday.

If money were no object, how and where would you spend Christmas?

Definitely in somewhere like Germany or Austria as I think they would be such amazing places to be at Easter. I actually went to Amsterdam for Christmas several years ago and it was one of my favourite Christmasses ever - it was such a cool trip and a fab way to spend Christmas.

What festive film do you HAVE to watch every festive season?

This might be a bit rogue but for the past few years, me and my family always seem to watch David Brent: Life on the Road. It's not even that festive but it does have a Christmas song in it so I guess it half counts? If you want more obscure Christmas film recommendations then I have a whole post!

Who do you find hardest to buy presents for?

Either my boyfriend or my dad - basically just men. I find them so hard to buy for as I never know what they want or need!

Would you rather buy lots of little presents for a hamper, or by one big/main present?

I love putting together hampers for people and it's one of my specialities. I make them for everything and I love handpicking loads of little gifts that I know that person will love and then put them all together in a cute hamper!

What did you leave out for Santa when you were a child?

To be honest, I can't really remember. A carrot for Rudolf and probably a cookie for Santa? My parents were never a fan of mince pies or milk so obviously, Santa wasn't a fan of them either in our house!

Where did you spend last Christmas?

Last Christmas was spent at home. We don't normally have a big family Christmas get-together as we live quite far apart so this year won't be that different for me. Just after Christmas, I flew to Seville with my boyfriend to spend New Year. I much prefer going away around Christmas time rather than spending the whole season at home as it's such a long holiday normally that I have the urge to travel during it. Sadly, I was meant to be going to Edinburgh before Christmas this year but sadly that didn't happen.

Which Christmas song makes you cringe?

The Fairytale of New York - I hate this song! I do not know how anyone can listen to it as I cannot stand it. Also, I'm not a fan of Shakin Stevens Merry Christmas Everyone. Two very unpopular opinions there!

If you could be a character in a holiday movie, who would you be and why?

Hmm, this is tricky. Maybe Iris in The Holiday as I'd love to explore Amanda's house as it's so nice! Or Sloane in Holidate as it looks like she has a great time every holiday!

Lauren's Questions

What is your favourite part of the Christmas dinner?

Definitely the Yorkshire puddings, I absolutely love them and could eat so many of them! 

How do you spend Boxing Day?

Normally at home though last year we ventured out to the shops and actually really enjoyed picking up some bargains. Where we live the shops are normally quiet and even on Boxing Day there weren't that many people there so it was quite a nice experience!

My Questions!

Do you have a Christmas Eve box?

What is your favourite Christmas song?

I nominate

Life Through my Dark Brown Eyes

Not so Modern Girl

Mom Jeans and Jesus

Lifestyle Season

Sophia Patel

Jeanine's Gingerbread Cottage

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

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