What I'm Looking Forward to in Christmas 2020

I'll be the first to admit that the Christmas season is not normally my time to shine but this year I'm feeling in such a festive mood! Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Christmas but I don't normally get so excited for it as I have this year. I'm much more of a birthday person as I count down to that months in advance but this year I am looking forward to Christmas so much so I thought I'd share some reasons why I'm looking forward to Christmas this year!

christmas presents under christmas tree blue and silver colour scheme
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Buying Christmas Gifts

I absolutely love trying to find the perfect gifts for people. Usually, I do most of my Christmas shopping online and I actually quite enjoy browsing around trying to find gifts that I know the person will love. It's more important than ever to shop small and to support independent businesses so if you're after last-minute Christmas gifts I have a whole guide to help you out! There's something so rewarding when you get to see someone open a gift you know they'll love that it makes it something I look forward to every year!

Christmas Decorations

You truly know it's the festive season when the Christmas decorations start to go up. There's something so enjoyable and therapeutic putting the Christmas tree and Christmas lights up whilst listening to festive music and it really gets me feeling excited for Christmas. I also love taking a drive around the houses and my local town when they start to put up their decorations as it's so lovely and magical. I love anything with fairy lights and the Christmas season is full of them which I love!


The absolute best thing about Christmas is the food! There are so many delicious treats on offer and the supermarkets always seem to bring out some amazing festive flavours! I absolutely love a good roast dinner and Christmas lunch is often the highlight of the day. Even better is the eating of the leftovers later on in the evening and on boxing day. I think I could live off of Yorkshire puddings and gravy too! Also, is it even Christmas without a Cadbury's selection box and Terry's chocolate orange?!

Christmas Films

I'm not normally a film watcher that often but around Christmas time I start to whip out some of the classics like The Holiday and Elf and browse Netflix for some new Christmas films to watch. Last Christmas is probably my favourite Christmas film (and song) and when I saw it at the cinema, it made me both laugh and cry which is always a sign of a good film. There are so many new festive films out this year that I still need to get round to watching so I need to get cracking!


Christmas is such a fab time to just completely chill out. It's the one day of the year that almost everything stops and the world stands still for one day. It's not very often that I completely switch off but Christmas is the one time of the year that I let myself become a bit lazier and have a bit more me-time. I always try to get my essential university and blogging work out of the way so that I can have some time off and fully enjoy the festive season. Slobbing out on the sofa and feeling completely chilled is one of the best things to look forward to during the festive season. 

Appreciating the Little Things

Christmas will certainly be different this year and it will be one to remember. This year I think it's so important to appreciate the little things in life as our attitude towards things can often be the difference between something good or bad. Christmas is such a magical time of the year and there is still so much to look forward to and appreciate this Christmas whether that's getting to eat your favourite Christmas food, watching your favourite Christmas film, dancing to Christmas music or admiring the fairy lights, Christmas 2020 will still be fab!

Christmas is always such a fun and exciting time of year and there are so many things to be excited for. Even though Christmas may look a bit different this year that doesn't mean that there aren't any reasons to be looking forward to it. 

Do you look forward to Christmas? How do you plan on celebrating this year?

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