A Roundup of 2020

 2020 was a year full of so much expectation and it stated off incredibly normally. It amazes me how much things changed in such a short and quick space of time and how drastically different life still is now nearly one year on! I thought it would be fun to reflect and look back on some of the things I did manage to do and achieve in 2020 and look back on what will definitely be a memorable year. 


January 2020 could not be further from what January 2021 will be. Myself and my boyfriend spent the New Year in Seville and it was a lovely trip - I still need to write up my Seville guide so hopefully, that'll be coming in the next few months. It was so bizarre to go from the freezing UK weather to hot - we spent the entire time in shorts whilst most people there had scarves and jackets on. I remember we were running late for the New Year countdown in the centre so the last moments of 2019 were spent frantically running through the streets of Seville trying to make it in time to see in the New Year!

seville plaza de espana fishing boat by bridge


Again, this month could not be further from the rest of the year. It was my boyfriend's 21st birthday and our anniversary so we went away for a little weekend break in Lymington - again I still need to write the travel guide as it's still in my drafts! This weekend was the week of a horrendous storm so the town and sea were eerily quiet. Due to the storm, we actually had to stay an extra night as we couldn't get back which we thoroughly made the most of - another night of a swimming pool, gorgeous scenery to explore and a suite!

lymington street

MARCH 2020

The month where everything changed. The end of February and March had been full of university strikes so I barely had anything to do anyway as everything had already been cancelled so I was somewhat prepared for lockdown! My mum's birthday meal was meant to be the first weekend of lockdown but we never made it there. Also, myself and my boyfriend were meant to travel to Edinburgh on the 24th but sadly that was cancelled.

APRIL 2020

April 2020 is a month where I don't remember much happening. The weather was quite nice, went for a lot of walks and read some books. The first few online lectures started which took some getting used to.

MAY 2020

This is the month I started up my blog again and began posting. I bought my own domain finally and really started to take my blog more seriously. I am so grateful that I started blogging again as I really don't know what I would've done to pass the time. It's been great to have something to focus on and I have enjoyed writing posts and watching my blog grow again!

JUNE 2020

June had some more university deadlines and I really pushed myself to focus on my blog even more. I dyed my hair at home as I was desperate to be blonde again and I started to do more exercise and get a bit fitter.

lily pond in countryside

JULY 2020

July is a bit like April where I don't remember that much happening. University finished and I took some time to really chill and relax.


August had a lot more freedom and things started to seem slightly more normal. In August, I went away with my family to Lincoln for 5 days and had a lovely time. The weather was so nice and we had a hot tub and pool to use which was an added bonus. Towards the end of the month, myself and my boyfriend travelled to Cambridge for a few days and a fab time too!

lincoln steep hill with independent shops


September again seemed more normal and I started celebrating my 21st birthday towards the end of the month. I went out for a lovely meal with friends and got all dressed up which felt so nice. We had a fab time and I really started to get excited about my birthday.


My birthday month! I turned 21 on 3rd October and had a lovely day. Again, things were pretty normal at the start of the month and my family and boyfriend all went out for a meal to celebrate. I felt thoroughly spoilt and my boyfriend even rebooked our trip to Edinburgh for December as a birthday surprise!

galaxy 21st birthday cake


November was fairly dull. I had lots of university deadlines and the UK went into lockdown again. I spent most of my time either studying, writing essays, blogging or going out for walks. 


December was the month I was meant to go to Edinburgh but it was cancelled. Again. We're hoping we'll be able to go one day but for now, we're not even risking booking anything. December was also Christmas and I had such a lovely time! For us, we never normally see family that much around Christmas as they live far away so it felt like a very normal Christmas for us but I really feel for those who spent it alone or without the ones they loved.

Despite the obvious challenges of 2020 I actually quite enjoyed the year. It was filled with plenty of good times and I really enjoyed having more time for the things I wanted to do. I read more books than I would've been able to, I started my blog again and I really appreciated where I live and exploring new places! There are plenty of habits I'd like to carry forward into 2021 and I set myself some goals to try and stick to for next year too!

How was your 2020? Do you have any goals for 2021?

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